Fantastico Quick Install on hostgator

Websites are being released all around the globe by various software companies every single second. These websites are very useful to all the internet users as it looks on to the wants and wishes of the users and comes up with various beneficial softwares to make the use of internet very easy and simple. These Websites contain videos, images and other assets which are present in the digital form. Web Server is performing the tasks of hosting website. This is accessible by using a network connections or a local area network through a uniform resource locator as per the user’s availability of the source. All websites which are accessible publicly collectively form World Wide Web. This World Wide Web was discovered by a Physicist named Tim Berners Lee. A website may be of a personal website, government website, profit organization website, non-profit organisation website etc.

Internet is your business friend

Recently internet is converted into a vast number of yellow pages book. Now-a-days, more and more people are using internet for online shopping, studies, banking, services, products etc. A website is a guide book of our business, work etc. One can easily promote their products with the help of these yellow pages. It reduces the cost of staff keeping because one can easily search anything of any topic in the internet. One can also easily and safely run their business online and provide 24*7 online services. Recently many online jobs are also available in the internet. One can easily earn money by doing simply online jobs. All these have been possible due to the extensive use of Websites these days. Internet provides a very huge amount of customers.

Fantastico Software

install fantastico cpanel

Fantastico Quick Install on hostgator

This whole thing is possible by using Fantastico software. Fantastico Quick Install is very easy to use. It facilitates the installation of many programs like open source applications. Fantastico is a commercial script library that automatically helps in the installation of web applications to a website. Commercial scripts of Fantastico quick install are executed from an area of administration of a web site control panel such as cPanel. cPanel is a web hosting control panel. It is a Linux based platform. cPanel makes hosting of a website very simple and easy and provides graphical user interface. cPanel was originated by an author named J.Nick Coston.

Fantastico Installation

Fantastico Quick Install scripts are mainly executed at the particular time when a new website is launched or created in the cyber market. Fantastico software makes installation procedure of programms and scripts very easy. With the help of this Hostgator Fantastico, user can simply install a program or scripts. Installation is done by filling some information. After filling that required information in the cPanel zone, a program or a script can be installed with the help of Fantastico Quick Install and run successfully.

Services provided by Fantastico

Fantastico can be accessed from cPanel. Services of Fantastico hosting includes its 24 hours and 7 days a week online service. The Fantastico quick install is also provided with a Menu option for its users. The Menu contains Fantastico home, control panel home etc. Its blogs option includes four wings like word press, b2evolution, nucleus and pmachine. Its content management option includes drupal, Geeklog, post-Nuke, Siteframe, Joomla, Mambo etc. The program also includes customer relationship option. This even offers Crafty Syntax Live Help, help centre live, PHP support tickets, Support services etc. HostGator has also quick Install software. HostGator which is mainly used for different web hosting has now launched a totally new program for quick installation of wordpress. This program is as same as Fantastico. They both are used for the same purpose.

Fantastico vs. Quick Install

There are two different names with which the internet users are mainly familiar like Fantastico and Quick install. Fantastico and Quick install both are same but only few things differ between them. While Fantastico offers scripts like word press, B2evolution, Nucleus, ecommerce sites like Joomla, OsCommerce, Zencartetc; Quick Install offers same thing as Fantastico offers but there are some scripts which are added or there are some scripts which are missing from it. One can easily say that Quick Install is the clone of Fantastico.

Fantastico and Hostgator

Hostgator is the easiest platform for beginners to install Fantastico on it. You can find the best deals for your webhosting with the most reliable hosting company the Hostgator at

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