E-Commerce Hosting Discounts – How to get safe, secure and cheap E-Commerce Services

Business process and concepts has changed a lot with the advancement of internet and web technologies. Internet is considered as an effective medium not only for communication but for the marketing of goods and services. E-Commerce hosting is getting prominent place in marketing of products and services and its growth is enormous.

Ordinary Discounted Hosting vs. Discount E-commerce Hosting

Having an ordinary hosting will not serve the purpose of e-commerce. E-Commerce services require fast and powerful processor and high bandwidth for fast access along with lots of web space for adequate product listing and other relevant feature. E-Commerce hosting discounts with highly secured environment enables buyers to make online hassle free payment. At the same time buyers also expecting highly secured environment for any online transaction through net banking, credit card or PayPal.

When you are planning for an e-commerce web hosting coupons then you must consider couple of steps before you can go ahead. Good discounted hosting which is offering secured environment can be ideal to choose. A secured web hosting can give you an effective solution for your online stores. For secure and affordable E Commerce Web Hosting Coupon try HostGator Discounts.

PCI Compliance

SSL is one of the important criteria of secured shopping. SSL helps preventing fraud and enables secured transaction. Now a day’s PCI compliance is widely advertised by e-commerce hosting companies. But as a matter of fact most people are not conscious of what exactly it means and why it is important for e-commerce hosting.

Payment Card Industry or PCI compliance denoted hosting plans which are in compliance with the Payment Card Industry Security Standards, which is a kind of security protocols that protect e-commerce site visitors for fraud, credit card theft or any type of cyber crimes. If the e-commerce hosting is using SSL certificate and PCI compliant payment gateway or checkout then buyers would feel safe and secured for any online transaction.

Banks have the authority to fine business organization if they are not in compliance with PCI standards. Banks may temporarily disable the credit card to keep the users away from website without PCI compliance. For a safe and secured e-commerce hosting SSL and PCI compliance is mandatory.

How Does Shared E-Commerce Hosting Work?

In e-commerce discount hosting a buyer or organization buys hosting space from the hosting company’s server. The billing cycle is monthly and server is usually shared with other customers. Dedicated server is also available for e-commerce hosting.

Hosting companies help their customers with secured payment processes by setting up internet merchant accounts, which enables the e-commerce company to accept visa, master card, Discover and American express credit card transactions. Domain name registration usually comes as complementary with e-commerce hosting packages.

E-commerce hosting company manages technical aspects of creating and maintaining professional e-commerce web site for its clients. Hosting companies also provide customized solution for their client’s e-commerce related requirements. Hosting companies also provide demographic, business to business and other marketing related information.

E-commerce companies also offer different e-commerce site building and managing applications like oscommerce, zencart, magento and opencart etc. These e-commerce applications are used to setup web store and different theme and templates are also available.

Regular PCI audits are conducted to make sure that web hosting companies are strictly following the rules and regulation with PCI standards. IP addresses that are used by hosting clients must be checked for any vulnerability. Hosting companies are responsible for data stored in their server. They have to take mandatory and necessary steps to protect client data and maintain a standard for server administration and setup. Use of firewall and other intrusion detection and prevention system and data security in servers of e-commerce hosting will make e-commerce a safe and secured market place for sure. For every buyer of e-commerce hosting it is essential to verify the facts that their hosting provider is compliant with PCI standards.

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