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Get Cheap Web Hosting from HostGator

There are a number of web hosting companies out there who ensure incredibly low pricing, but their service mostly turns out to be terrible. Beware of falling into their trap and ensure the success of your website with a more trusted and reliable hosting service. One of the best choices for you would be HostGator,Continue Reading»

Go with a Static IP on HostGator

HostGator is an excellent hosting service that takes cares of all the technical aspects of your website so that you can succeed. HostGator static IP is assigned to every one of its customers which makes the performance of their sites better. HostGator Static IP options: HostGator provides only static, public IPs on its servers. OneContinue Reading»

Web Hosting on HostGator – Ideal Solution for Small Business Hosting

Online businesses are rapidly rising due to the easy availability of internet and the convenience of buying online. The competition among the online sellers is getting narrower, so you should ensure that each and every aspect of your online store is managed perfectly. Among the most important factors that lead to the success of anContinue Reading»

Hosting PDF files on your Unlimited HostGator Account

It is an internationally followed standard to write and transmit reports, papers and free ebooks in PDF format. To enable your website visitors to read, print, download and exchange important documents without any problems HostGator PDF hosting is indispensible. Upload Unlimited Papers with HostGator PDF hosting: If you need to create a website to publishContinue Reading»

Managed Dedicated Web Hosting by HostGator

If the traffic on your website is rapidly increasing, or if you want to make money by providing hosting to other companies, then an upgrade to HostGator dedicated hosting is essential for you. Managing a dedicated server can be a very difficult task that requires constant and regular monitoring and high level of expertise. However,Continue Reading»

HostGator Linux Hosting is Ideal for Open Source Script

All web servers either run Linux or Windows operating systems on their system. Linux is more popular among web servers, and HostGator Linux Hosting is one of the best available in the market because of high quality of services along with cheaper prices. What Does HostGator Linux Hosting support? Linux has proven itself as aContinue Reading»

How to Transfer Site Hosting to HostGator?

HostGator is becoming a popular site hosting choice among many individuals and businesses. It is famous for its cheap rates, 99.9% uptime, excellent technical support, and constant upgrades and innovation. If you aren’t satisfied with your current web host, or you just find your current host system to be technologically outdated, you can solve theseContinue Reading»

How to Get and Install HostGator Private SSL?

One of the major problems that arose with the developments in the internet is the threat to the security of the private information of its users. To ensure the safety of the information of your website users you must protect your website using an SSL certificate. If you are using HostGator to host your website,Continue Reading»

Why HostGator makes WordPress Install a Breeze?

Why HostGator makes WordPress Install a Breeze?

With HostGator WordPress combination creating high-quality and impressive blogs has become much easier than ever before. A few words about Blogging These days there is not an easier way to spread your word then by creating blogs on the internet. You have to choose  hostgator blog hosting to present your opinions about social or politicalContinue Reading»

HostGator Shared Plan Resources Limitations

HostGator Shared Plan Resources Limitations

HostGator is one of the upcoming web hosting providers and it provides dedicated and shared hosting at a nominal price. A dedicated server, like the name suggests is one in which you own and have the control of the server. But because it is expensive, most website owners prefer sharing their servers. In a sharedContinue Reading»